Doota Tower

  • WHAT: multibrand luxury store
  • WHERE: Seul (South Korea)
  • WHO: Doota
  • WHEN: 1999


Doota (Doosan Tower) is an 8 floor landmark mall and fashion shopping tower well known for offering the latest trendy fashion items at affordable prices. Doota has quickly become one of the best fashion shopping malls in Korea.

The mall first opened on February 26, 1999. Over 18 million people visited the mall within the first 6 months.

Over 60,000 people a day make their way through one of the over 540 designer and luxury brand shops here. Many of these shoppers are international visitors who come here looking for what is hot and trendy in the fashion world.

If you look around, you might be able to find some great deals compared to other markets in Korea.

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